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What is “Nutritious Movement?”

Put simply, it’s a series of exercises designed to help restore your body to its correct alignment, and therefore to its natural functions. It is a program designed by biomechanist Katy Bowman, based on physics, geometry, engineering and biology, applied to human anatomy. It can help us counteract the negative impacts that living in the 21st century has on our bodies. Our musculature has adapted to our habits, and that isn’t so good for our overall wellness. Changing the way we move can help correct it.

Who Needs it?

One of the best things about the movement I teach is that it will help every body. Your body can be trained for a triathlon or mostly stay seated. Your body can be 7 years old or 70. Your body can be whole or have been repaired or in need of repair. All bodies, no matter the shape, size, or ability, need movement. Taking a close look at what movement your body gets, and what it is lacking, can be very revealing.

What We Need To Correct

Simply by being alive in our culture today, your body has developed movement patterns and habits that are not beneficial. Specifically, your muscles are often moving repetitively and your skeleton is held in unnatural positions. By becoming aware of these habits and working to change them, you can help your body function better. Your entire body- from muscles and joints right down to your cells- can improve. Every moment of every day holds the opportunity to be improving instead of deteriorating.

Fitness Vs. Wellness

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are, or even if you have any. This program is not about improving your body’s fitness level. “Fitness” is how well you can perform a chosen skill (How fast can you run? How much can you lift? Can you climb a hill without breathing heavily?).

Nutritious Movement is about optimizing your whole body’s wellness. That includes maximizing your blood circulation to help feed every cell of your body and to better assist your lymphatic system in clearing out the toxins. It involves giving the right signals to your bones so they are strong enough to hold you up without breaking. And it encourages proper function of your neurological system to expedite correct communication.

All of this results in cells that regenerate at exactly the rates they are supposed to, and gives you your strongest possible immune system. Worthy goals for all of us!


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