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Alignment Haiku #2- Pain in the Neck

“Chin up,” they all said.

And so I did. We all do.

What about my neck?

“Back Of The Neck Long”

This is a good new mantra

Thank you Tim Harris

This post by my friend and colleague Lucy

(or Lucie, depending on if she’s feeling more

New Zealandish or more  Netherlandian.

How cool is that?) shows us a few things,

including how “it runs in my family”

doesn’t mean it’s genetic, and how a simple

postural habit can have painful consequences.

Peruse her site, there is a wealth of information there!

Oh hey, and another colleague, the Alignment Monkey,

just posted this today, too! Even MORE great stuff about your neck,

your head position, and why you should pay attention to it.

And now I need to go make a stuffed pelvis.


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