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Homework for the rest of my life

I am currently taking the  Advanced Biomechanics Class offered by the Restorative Exercise Institute. (Don’t go looking for it on their webpage, though, because it’s a secret class only available to certified RES. I love secret stuff.) The homework from the first session included this instruction: “Decline the use of home furniture.” Upon further clarification, it was determined that we are allowed to use our beds, it’s mostly the chairs and sofas we’re supposed to shun. I didn’t actually clarify the use of a table, but I’m going to assume that it’s OK to use a table as long as I’m not sitting at it. Or on it.

So this could be a Very Challenging Instruction for some folks. I, however, lucked out on this one. We have, at our house, been moving towards a chair-less existence for the last year or so, both because of what I was learning for my certification and because there are articles like this one and this one all over the web.

It’s not that we stand all the time. There is plenty of sitting here, it’s just not in chairs. We have an impressive array of bolsters and pillows in the living room! And they are all covered in dog hair.

(I’ve never been much for color coordination or matching. I do like making things, though!)

So our legs are in all kinds of different arrangements as we play games or read, instead of just being in that one sitting position- 90 degrees at the hip and knee. (For a bunch of ideas on new ways to sit and stand, check this out. And if you have trouble with various body parts falling asleep in this or that sitting position, remember:  *changing* your sitting position frequently is not only OK, but a really good idea! Movement=good!) We do also stand more- our kitchen table (custom made by the man of the house) is at standing height, as is my computer, as is the lego table.

And of course all of these changes (or bolsters) were not made in one day. One thing at a time, new ideas as they came to me, and influencing family members more by setting an example than by pounding them with information or threats.

There is, however, one big cushy chair still in use in the house. And it’s not going away any time soon. And I don’t have much guilt over it, AND I’m not cheating on my homework. Three family members use this chair, and none of them are my husband or kids…

Birch, aka The Big Magic Yellow Dog


Mick getting really comfortable.

Jesse, making eye contact. (Actually, it’s Mick again. They look the same, so just pretend. Jesse is camera shy.)

How much chair-sitting do you do? Can you find a couple ways to reduce it this week?



  1. Carol Robbins

    I think the dogs are quite happy with this turn of events! They must think the world has turned upside down: people on the floor, dogs on the chairs.


    • The funny thing is, this has always been their chair. We inherited a couch and a chair from my FIL when we bought this house and it was immediately apparent that the chair fit the dogs a lot better than it fit the humans. Then when we got the black puppies they trashed the couch. So really, my dogs have been helping me tremendously in my quest to not sit on furniture, for years!


  2. Lucky dogs !


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