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Top 5 Reasons I Like Walking in Cooler Weather

Notice I didn’t say “cold” weather. Or “freezing” weather. Or “extremely slippery icy” weather. It’s not that I don’t enjoy walking in those climates, because I do. I just don’t get the chance much these days. But this morning it was about 40 degrees here (down from around 90 just three days ago) and so my first cool walk of the fall prompted this post. BUT ALAS…. it’s now three days later. The weather here is back to balmy. Steamy, even. Plenty warm. Ahhh, well. It will eventually get cold again. And then warm again. That’s the way it goes.

So cooler weather (when it’s here) means I switch from the fivefingers shoes to my Sockwas, which are not warm by themselves but can accommodate a nice thick wool sock. The reason behind wearing thin-soled, flexible, completely flat shoes is to allow my foot to have to cope with different types of terrain. That helps it to stay mobile (or become more mobile) which equates to healthier muscles (in my foot and leg), more nerve signals being sent to my brain, more information about my surroundings, and overall better mobility of my entire leg and skeleton.

So even though minimalist shoes aren’t the ones that will keep you the warmest, or driest, or most protective from the sharp rocks, they’re still the ones you should reach for as often as possible. But if you only use them on cement, and pavement, and tile and carpet, you’re not getting much foot mobilization. So try a trail sometime. Or lots of times! You can always bring another pair of socks and minimalist shoes to change into when you’re done, if you’re wet and cold.  If you live in The Woodlands or Conroe or Magnolia, did you know there’s W.G. Jones State Park right there on FM 1488 with miles of walking paths? Ok, most of them are former logging roads and not very trail-like, but they’re a lot more natural than a bike path. Or sidewalk. Or parking lot. And it’s beautiful there! Go take a walk! Join me at 9am Monday mornings, or go on your own anytime. If you have Google maps on your phone, the paths are all right there. If not, it’s more or less a grid, pretty hard to get too lost.

Here is some of the terrain I encountered in my 3-mile walk. Imagine doing this barefoot! Chilly, but sooooo good for you. Read a little about why your skin would benefit from a barefoot walk *on natural surfaces* here.

Tree roots and pine needles…

Pea-sized pebbles…

Sandy dirt…

And bigger rocks.



So, as promised, my top 5 reasons I like walking in cooler weather. In descending order:

5. A wool beanie is a quick-and-easy way to deal with my hair. And they’re fun to knit.

4. I don’t get quite-so-sweaty, quite-as-quickly.

3. I get to really enjoy a cup of hot ginger tea when I get back.

2. My warmer clothes tend to have more pockets than the shorts-and-tanks.

And the real reason I look forward to dropping temperatures here…

1. I’m MUCH less likely to encounter a snake on the trail!




  1. Another great local trail (or many different trails), is the Spring Creek Greenway. Multiple start off points throughout the county & lovely natural paths.


    • Yes! That’s my only other local trail, actually. Do you know of others?? I usually start on Creekside Forest Drive. Do you have other favorite start points?


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