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Soccer mom, not Sitting mom!

We’re so very good at making ourselves comfortable.

So I admit it, I’m a soccer mom. But I do not drive a minivan. Not that I have a problem with minivans.

I do spend a fair amount of time on the sidelines of soccer fields. These are low-budget fields, no bleachers or anything, so the obvious choices (to me) would be stand, or sit on the ground.

There is, however, another option, and it’s the most common choice in these here parts. (I don’t know much about soccer culture anywhere else, as I didn’t become a soccer mom until after moving to Texas.) That would be the “Bring Your Own Chair” solution. Any practice or game I’ve been to has seen nearly every parent, grandparent, friend, or sibling perched in their own portable folding chair. A trip to the sporting goods store reveals an astonishing selection of chairs with a variety of options. A whole aisle’s worth, in fact. Who knew?

As I’ve mentioned before recently, sitting really isn’t so good for you, especially when you do it most of the day. So after a day at the office, and commuting in your car/bus/train, perhaps bringing a chair with you to soccer practice isn’t the way to go. Just stand there. Or better yet, stand there on one foot. See if you can lift one foot off the ground WITHOUT BENDING A KNEE. Alternate sides. Hold each side for ten seconds. Or even a whole minute! At least it gives you something to focus on besides how incredibly frustrating it can be to watch 6-year-old soccer. Sometimes. :)

Or you could always work on your squat. Never mind everyone else looking at you funny in your homemade leather sandals. Not that I have any experience with that.

Or you could walk laps around the field. Or kick a ball around, or do handstands! At least kicking a ball around doesn’t attract too much attention…

So I know that there’s a good chance I’m just preaching to the choir here. If you’re reading this, you probably know most of it already. But it’s not necessarily about *knowing* what’s good for you, it’s about *figuring out ways to implement* what’s good for you. A lot of people probably bring chairs just because that’s what everyone else does… which isn’t a very good reason. So take a look at your habits and routines and see if there’s a way to make a change for the better!  Even if you don’t watch soccer games.

These chairs aren’t any better for your sacrum than an Adirondack chair. Something else to keep in mind.


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  1. I had a amazing time reading your article. Good Job!


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