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Archive for April, 2013

Alignment Haiku #11- Feet

Have you seen the clip? Girl using chopsticks with toes. Amazing digits.     Standing, walking, feet Your foundation for your life Treat them with respect     Your feet have amazing capacity, but we lock them up in shoes … Continue reading


Alignment Haiku #10- Guts

Dandelion greens Fresh, in season, good for me. Are they what I need?   Call it instinct, or maybe it’s a gut feeling Your body is wise.   Sometimes we need to shut off our brain and listen to our … Continue reading


Alignment Haiku #9- Just Keep Swimming

Body needs to move Sweltering Texas heat wave Submerge to survive   Much time in water Helps me to survive summer Bones need weight bearing What you love to do What your body needs to do Might be different   … Continue reading


Alignment Haiku #8- Driving

Alignment in cars Is difficult to achieve How to sit up straight?   Driving less is best Shall I move to a small town? Short term strategies…   Click here for a couple of great ideas about making your car … Continue reading


Alignment Haiku #7- OM

Align your body Mindful exercise galore What about your mind?     Being “in alignment” can have many meanings, depending on your perspective. Skeletal alignment is the primary focus of this blog, but a big part of my life is … Continue reading


Alignment Haiku #6- WM

Attention Parents! The way you use your body Changes your body   We often will take The path of least resistance What can this tell us? Sitting on the floor Not necessarily great Check the pelvic tilt     There … Continue reading


Alignment Haiku #5- Tongues!

You use it to speak You use it to swallow food Give the tongue respect   Learn a new ¬†language Or change your English accent Tongues need workouts, too If you want optimal function in your mouth and throat, your … Continue reading


Poetry Month! Alignment Haiku #4- Transitions

April is Poetry Month! A writer friend of mine posts a haiku-a-day for the month of April, and while I’d like to say I’m going to do that, it would end up being a little April Fool on you, ’cause … Continue reading

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