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Alignment Haiku #7- OM

Align your body

Mindful exercise galore

What about your mind?



Purple flowers

Being “in alignment” can have many meanings, depending on your perspective. Skeletal alignment is the primary focus of this blog, but a big part of my life is also working on aligning other parts of me. One of those parts is my mind. Meditation is helpful, and the myriad stressors in everyone’s lives these days suggest that we all ought to be meditating. Sometimes meditation can help you see more clearly. Here is one method, that doesn’t involve simply sitting. Give it a try!



  1. Thanks for the lectio divina reminder! I love lectio divina, though when I first was introduced to it, I felt ultra anxious because I thought I should have some kind of breakthrough or “great” thought. Fortunately, I’ve grown up a lot since then. Now I can just wait and see what happens, even if it’s nothing. Lately, I’ve been tricking myself into meditating by following a 10 min guided relaxation track first, and then meditating for 10 minute afterward. Because I really like these particular relaxation exercises, it helps me get over the monumental hump of settling down to *be* instead of *do* (or more likely these days, just accepting the not doing that’s already happening and giving up the I-should-be-doing attitude). Once I’ve made the decision to stop the shoulds and breathe deeply and relax, then it’s easier for me to meditate.


    • Rather, thank Katy. :) I have the same troubles, it helps me to have a specific time set aside- which, granted, didn’t exist in my life until the kids got older. I sit when they are falling asleep and they want me in the room. So it’s almost cheating, because I’m actually accomplishing two things at once when I sit in their room, meditating. But it works for me. Relaxation techniques are a lifesaver!


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