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Easy Squeezy Bolster Tutorial

Do you have a bolster? Do you need a bolster? Everybody needs a bolster!  A couple years ago I didn’t have any, nor did I know what I was missing. Now, however, I’m a bolster addict, so I thought I’d share a down-and-dirty way to get one for (pretty much) free.


First you need to find an old blanket or quilt, preferably one from when you were 14 and thought the fuzzy-soft synthetic harlequin was the best thing ever. Any blanket will do, or maybe two thin blankets, or a few old towels. I’ve even done this with old sweatshirts, but they take more careful folding. Head to a thrift store if you don’t have any old blankets to use. Spread out your blanket to admire it. Get your dog to lay on one corner.


Fold it into a rectangle. The short side of the rectangle is how long your bolster will be, so be sure your fabric will fit it. Tell your dog to pay close attention, as it’ll be his turn next.

Roll up the rectangle, keeping it as smooth and even as possible, and tie in at least two places with string or strips of fabric. Hurry, the dog is getting bored.

Place the rolled up blanket on your fabric. Extra points if you have an old pair of wrap-around pants that never really fit well or covered adequately but you kept them for years because you loved the fabric . You can cut them up to repurpose for your bolster!


Roll the fabric around the blanket.


Tie the ends with string or strips of fabric or leftover pieces of bias tape or a few strands of embroidery floss or yarn.


If you have children around who might -not that this would ever happen- hold the bolster by one tail end and use it as a weapon, swinging it dangerously close to ceiling fans, lamps, glass photo frames, or other children, you might want to actually stitch these ends with heavyweight thread.


If said children do use the bolsters as toys, you might also want to stitch down the entire length of the bolster where the fabric overlaps. A running stitch might be enough, or a whip stitch. Oddly enough, this design, even with plenty of fabric to wrap around twice, will not hold up to regular beatings. It’s great for a psoas release, though, or floor angels, or just sitting on while you type up a blog. What’s your favorite use for a bolster? Don’t mind the dog hair.

Click here for ideas on how to use your bolster!


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