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We’re made to move.

My name is Debbie Beane and my own journey to movement and alignment began after having children, when I needed help restoring my pelvic floor and abdominal muscles to better function. (That is a polite way of saying I wanted to stop peeing every time I coughed or laughed or ran, and I didn’t like looking 5 months pregnant when I relaxed my tummy. Ahem.)

After much searching and trying many programs I found Katy Bowman and Nutritious Movement (formerly the Restorative Exercise Institute). Her information and the science behind it resonated with me—and I have achieved better results with it than with anything else I have tried.

More importantly, it has opened up to me a whole world of possibility for being proactive about my health.

I have completed the certification program with Nutritious Movement and am pursuing advanced education in this field. I’m also working as staff for training new certification students. I am excited to share this important information with anyone who wants to learn. I continue to enjoy all kinds of activities in my life— I encourage people to do what they love!— but I pursue them now with the knowledge of how to best optimize, and do the least damage to, my body.

Before I found Nutritious Movement I was all over the map, literally and figuratively.

I started on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula in California and graduated from U.C. Davis (which makes me an Aggie, although most Texans would never agree with that!). I’ve lived in Nevada, Washington, Montana, and had home ports in Florida, Louisiana, and Alaska. I’ve worked as a cook at a summer camp and a cook at a dude ranch, I’ve wrangled horses at that dude ranch and wrangled teens at a girls’ home. I’ve been a veterinary assistant in scrubs and a dancer on cruise ships in feathers, I’ve been a full time mom to two boys on our little homestead in Texas, and now we’re back to California, and I teach movement. 

The information I have now about body alignment has motivated me to get out and share it. I hope you’ll join me!

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