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is it spring where you live?

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you might be in the process of planting a garden. I love gardening (mostly) but mine has gotten the better of me lately, and the weed situation, combined with the completely out-of-character weather, means … Continue reading


A Mile is Not a Mile is Not a Mile

Training yourself to walk 10 miles a day is great. It doesn’t, however, mean that you’ll be able to easily walk 10 miles a day in an entirely different environment. Which is fine! But it’s something to consider when you’re … Continue reading


Re-Wilding your body

Post #3 in the What I Did Last Summer series. As I’ve mentioned, this summer I was ever-so-fortunate enough to have been invited on a backpacking trip on a portion of the John Muir Trail. We’d been planning it for … Continue reading


To the lighthouse!

I just got back from an amazing summer trip. There were so many fantastic parts to this trip, it’s overwhelming just to list them: a family backpack in Desolation Wilderness, a week on the Monterey Peninsula with one grandma, a … Continue reading


Why bolster?

I got some questions about bolsters after the tutorial. What do you do with it? Why do you want one? There are lots of ways to use them, but the reason I reach for one most often is for sitting. … Continue reading


Breathe deeply

I am looking forward to an amazing trip this summer. My sister turned 40 hit a major milestone birthday, and to commemorate the event she is planning a trip with her posse to hike part of the John Muir trail … Continue reading


Backyard fun

I’ve harped endlessly on how important it is to walk, and how we need to stop sitting so much. There’s another key piece of the alignment puzzle, however: Upper Body. Restorative Exerciseâ„¢ has lots of corrective exercises and stretches for … Continue reading


Aligned Flying, *or* A Bunch Of Funny Photos Of Me

Yes, that’s me on an actual airplane. But first, let me say thank you to the woman who was sitting across from me, as I never asked her permission to take photos or post them here. Whoever you are, thanks. … Continue reading


Alignment Haiku #3… Noses

Tissues everywhere Much sniffling and sneezing Fall is in the air   Heavy pollen here But that’s not the only cause Relax your whole head You guessed it… Alignment might be contributing to your allergy issues… Read more here.


Top 5 Reasons I Like Walking in Cooler Weather

Notice I didn’t say “cold” weather. Or “freezing” weather. Or “extremely slippery icy” weather. It’s not that I don’t enjoy walking in those climates, because I do. I just don’t get the chance much these days. But this morning it … Continue reading

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